Dies the Fire

A couple years ago, I started to have an idea for a novel. It wasn't the first such idea; I have several kicking their way around my head. I don't have time to write more than a chapter or two in brief spurts, but I let the ideas percolate and refine. Eventually, I will have that time, and hopefully the ideas will be timeless by then. Or something.

But at least one of those ideas is now out of the running, thanks to S. M. Stirling's Dies the Fire; he has simply done it, and done it well enough that I doubt I will follow down that particular path.

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Sat Dec 17 21:23:53 CST 2005 by Matthew. Comments

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

So I went to see the first movie in the Narnia sequence last week. I was hopeful; the trailers presented an image of a movie in the tradition of Jackson's Middle Earth, based around a classic fantasy series from the same period and sticking faithfully to the work of the original author. It should have worked out well, with the ground already broken, assuming the people involved were competent; instead, the result was disappointing.

Don't get me wrong -- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was not by any means a bad movie. In fact, if you put aside Jackson's trilogy, it's the best adaptation of a fantasy novel in a long time, and probably the best fantasy movie for the same period. (At any rate, nothing aside from Jackson is coming to mind that could compete -- I should note here that I am not a Potter fan and have not seen those movies). It's definitely a well done movie, and if it doesn't quite reach epic quality, they still have quite a few books to go.


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Sat Dec 17 13:43:07 CST 2005 by Matthew. Comments

Coyote Rising

In my earlier review of Coyote, I described it as a fairly normal interstellar colonization story with a hint of politics in the background. Coyote Rising, the sequel, makes those politics somewhat more explicit, but they are still far short of actually driving the story in a manner similar to, for example, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. That's not a good thing when the point of the story is supposed to be the politics.

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Sat Dec 17 13:14:17 CST 2005 by Matthew. Comments

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