The Family Trade

The Family Trade is probably best described as a unusual take on the usual sort of crossover story. The heroine, a trade journalist who has just uncovered the details of a massive money laundering scheme, finds herself at loose ends when her magazine's ownership turns out to be involved. As if avoiding the goodfellas and finding a new job wasn't enough to worry about, her adoptive parents finally reveal the details of her birth family, along with her mother's personal effects and newspaper articles suggesting she was murdered, with a sword, in the middle of a 20th century city.

Something doesn't quite add up, and the key may be the strange silver locket left around her mother's neck, a locket that just might represent a gate between worlds; a gate that only Miram's family can use. But there's more to families than just parents, and the rest of Miram's relatives won't welcome interference in their enterprise.

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Knife of Dreams

This latest novel in Robert Jordan's long-lived and long-winded epic fantasy series represents an improvement over his low point, now established as books 7-10. Important and long-awaited prophecies are finally being paid off; the plot is moving forward steadily. While there are many decisions that I would have made differently, and many, many wasted opportunities, there is at least progress in a forward direction.

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Purely for amusement value...

Highlander in 30 seconds... reenacted by bunnies.

Sat Oct 01 01:23:08 CDT 2005 by Matthew. Comments

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