The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever

The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant is composed of Lord Foul's Bane, The Illearth War, and The Power That Preserves.

Thomas Covenant finds his world turned upside down when he contracts leprosy and his wife divorces him, taking their son with her. Having managed to survive this experience, but never really recover emotionally beyond it, Covenant is universally ostracized by his community. One day he inexplicably finds himself transported to another world, a dream world that is somehow so full of life that his leprosy starts to fade.

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Carnivores of Light and Darkness

Etjole Ehomba is a herdsman whose simple sense of honor demands that he fulfill the dying wish of a ship-wrecked stranger. Even though his promise means that Ehomba-- armed only with a bone knife and a sky-metal sword-- must walk the length of a world, cross lands of unceasing peril, sail an impassable ocean, vanquish an unstoppable evil, and rescue a woman he has never met for the sake of a dead man he did not know.

No wizard or warrior would attempt such a mad quest. But a man who poses questions to everything he meets may find answers that no wizard could imagine...

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Stranger In A Strange Land

Valentine Michael Smith was the first human born on Mars, and shortly thereafter the crew of the first exploration vessel to Mars died, leaving the infant in the hands of Martians. As a young adult, Michael is discovered, 'rescued', and brought back to earth - where he unknowingly causes a storm of political turmoil by being the only living heir of a huge corporation - and the potential 'owner' of Mars itself.

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Danse Macabre

I have spoken before in this forum on my declining respect for, and interest in, the Anita Blake series.  Nonetheless I have consistently picked up the latest book when it was released, hoping for something of a turnaround or change in direction.  So far I have been disappointed, though not enough to make a firm commitment to refuse the next installment.  Danse Macabre may well be bad enough to break that barrier. 

Why do I say that?  Simple enough.  My major complaint has been that the sexual and romantic liasons of the main character have taken over the series.  Recent books have almost no plot that does not revolve around Anita's personal life, and supernatural murders are thrown in almost as an afterthought.  Danse Macabre does not even maintain the thin pretext.  Every supernatural threat represents little more than an excuse for Anita to have more sex.  The supposedly non-threatening parts of the plot revolve around Anita choosing someone to have more sex with.  The major plot shocker is whether or not Anita will face the consequences of having unprotected sex with lots of people all the time.

And it's just not interesting anymore.

Count me out of the next one, unless I can pick it up in a bookstore and open it to random pages without finding mostly sex.

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Dzur is Brust's long-awaited followup to Issola in the Vlad Taltos series. It's an interesting mix of new material and old standbys of the Vlad series. In terms of series revelations and introductions, I counted at least five or six events of a similar stature to the Lesser Revelation of Orca. And it's worth noting that the Greater Revelation of that novel is not directly revealed but gets enough in-jokes that it becomes tiresome.

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