23 Years on Fire

A Cassandra Kresnov novel, 23 Years On Fire advances the clock a bit and brings some intriguing new ideas into the series. Although they are coming a little bit out of left field and strain plausibility somewhat, such small sins are easily forgiven in support of a good story and the philosophical questions that comes along with it.

The novel opens with Sandy leading a military raid on a Federation planet suspected of using mind-control implant technology on the population of an entire planet -- accidentally. That theme continues with the rest of the book, as the artificial intelligences on all sides learn exactly how capable they can be once fully grown up.

The plot is less centered on Sandy than usual, which leads to a couple of disjointed timeline and viewpoint shifts that can leave the reader briefly disoriented. As a result the book feels rougher and less polished than previous entries in the series. It is nonetheless an good read, with some revelations at the end that hint at an interesting new direction for the next book.

Readers who have been following the series will not be disappointed. Others should start with the first book, Crossover.

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Meet April Cassidy. She's just applied to a software development firm on Tanusha, one of the most advanced planets in the Federation. She wants to work as a programmer, studying the intricacies of artificial intelligence -- or as close as the legal restrictions will allow her to get. She is a very good candidate for the position, very familiar with the latest algorithms. Good enough to analyze them at a glance in her job interview.

But that's not surprising, because April Cassidy is really Cassandra Kresnov, an advanced AI housed in a body nearly indistinguishable from human at first glance, and nearly indestructible if you do more than glance. She was built by the League, constructed from the ground up by scientists who consider her less than human. And she's on the run.

The book is Crossover, by Joel Shepherd.

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