The Alchemist's Apprentice

Dave Duncan is an author I am familiar with from mainly from his King's Blades series, a straightforward and competently written set of mostly-independent tales of supernaturally bound bodyguards. The Alchemist's Apprentice takes a step closer to the real world, being set in a version of Venice where magic is somewhat more effective than in ours.

The alchemist of the title is Nostrademeus, and the apprentice one Alfeo Zeno, the latter being a character more reminiscent of a Dumas musketeer than anything else. When Nostrademeus is accused of a murder by poison to burnish his reputation, it falls to Alfeo to prove him innocent by unraveling the plot.

Unfortunately, I did not find the book as engaging as the King's Blades series. It was readable enough, in a somewhat unconventional setting for a fantasy novel, but lacked that vital something to make it intriguing.

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