Lord of Chaos

Lord of Chaos, the 6th book in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, marks a turning point for the series. It is the last book that can be effectively defended as lacking major flaws. In some ways it is almost a victim of its own bloat... almost, but not quite, for the high points of the story are very, very high.

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The Fires of Heaven

Jordan's Wheel of Time series continues with The Fires of Heaven, the 5th volume of what may be the longest-running fantasy series ever... at least in terms of page count. Rand's destiny has taken him to the Aiel Waste, a vast desert populated by nomadic warriors, where he will contend with the Shaido Aiel following Couladin for the title of Car'a'carn (chief of chiefs)... and with the Forsaken, who lurk as always in the shadows, awaiting the opportunity to strike.

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The Shadow Rising

The Shadow Rising is the fourth book in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.

The Stone of Tear has fallen, and the Sword That Cannot Be Touched has been drawn in accordance with prophecy, confirming Rand as the Dragon Reborn. But there is much yet to do before he must face the Dark One at Tarmon Gai'don. Goaded by Moiraine, who seeks to guide his path towards Sammael in Illian, Rand remains determined to choose his own path, and to move in a direction that no one expects. For the Dragon, to remain in one place is death -- and the Aiel, who took the Stone and allowed Rand to sieze the Sword That Is Not A Sword, have their own prophecies to fulfill.

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The Dragon Reborn

The Dragon Reborn picks up several weeks after The Great Hunt left off... although relatively little has happened in that timespan. Rand struggles with the implications of events at Falme, where he raised the banner of the Dragon and battled Ba'alzamon in full view of thousands of soldiers and citizens alike. Rand, Moiraine, Perrin, and their small party of dragonsworn Shienarans are
trapped near Falme, unable to move to rally the other small bands that have declared for the Dragon for fear the established rulers will crush any evident focal point for the chaos. Rand is trapped as well by his own doubts; though the Pattern seems to be forcing him into the role of the Dragon Reborn, he is not yet ready to accept it; incontrovertible proof is required, an undeniable prophecy fulfilled, before he can accept.

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The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt continues the story that began with The Eye of the World.

Rand, Mat, and Perrin are three young men recently plucked from their quiet farming community and thrust into the center of events as the Pattern weaves itself around them... possibly in accordance with the ancient Prophecies of the Dragon, prophecies which describe a man who once broke the world and who will be reborn to do it again.

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The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World is the first novel in Robert Jordan's epic series The Wheel of Time. The series, which began in 1985 and presently spans more than 10 books, has been wildly popular ever since.

The author has described the first part of The Eye of the World as a homage to Tolkien's epic trilogy. Whether the series is worthy of that comparison remains to be seen, but there are certainly many elements that the initial part of both series have in common. Readers who find the similarity uncomfortable should remember that it was deliberately done, and that the pattern is broken about halfway through the book.

The story begins in the small farming village of Emond's Field, part of a loose community called the Two Rivers. It is a simple community, filled with simple folk content to raise sheep and grow crops. A hard winter is coming to an end, the wolves are hungry, and there are rumors of strangers in town -- a lady and her guard, and a threatening, silent man in a black cloak who prefers to lurk.

From that point on, things get complicated.

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