Shadow Games

Shadow Games is the first of the Books of the South, the second part of the Chronicles of the Black Company. Following the events of The White Rose and roughly contemporaneous with The Silver Spike, Shadow Games follows Croaker and the Black Company on the first steps of their quest to return to their origins... the almost-mythical city of Khatovar, across the equator and nearly seven thousand miles of marching from the Lady's tower at Charm.
Kept ignorant of the history of the Company by missing volumes in the Annals, Croaker and his few surviving members of the Black Company are determined to return their Annals to Khatovar for reasons obscure even to them.  The journey to Khatovar will be a journey into the company's past, following the course laid down by the Company as they fought their way north.  But there is much, much more to the Company's past than even Croaker suspects, for the peoples of the South
have a long memory... and the passage of the Black Company through their lands has left an indelible mark. 

None who know the Black Company welcome their return.  But the Company has survived undying sorcery and the enmity of empires.  They will not be stopped, even if they must cut their way through entire nations.

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